Episode 8: Dr Esther Fox, Physio on future proofing yourself and the power of Pilates

I chat with Esther on how we can age well and the power of Pilates. She has a wealth of knowledge in this area with her PHD being clinical research looking at the effects of different types of exercise upon balance and mobility. This is worth a listen at any age!

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Episode 7: The truth about injuries 0 Myths and Facts from a Physio Ft Dr Esther Fox

As well as revealing some of the secret reasons that make these injuries so common so that we can avoid them. In addition, Dr Esther Fox breaks down common myths in the fitness industry, like why Alignment and Posture isn’t actually that important.


Episode 10: All about pain with Dr Esther Fox

In this episode Esther talks to us about the science of pain and how it is such a grey area. We talk about neuro pathways and how pain doesn’t always mean an injury, but you are still feeling it and therefore it is real.